Oils Ain’t Oils

You know your getting old at a Saturday night gig when there is no line-up for the alcohol bar but long queues for food stalls, toilets and free drinking water stations.

The seating for the event was spacious to say the least and there was a sea of people with green hi-vis vests blocking the aisle ways (and view of the stage). Covid was once again the culprit, however the organizers did a great job overall.

It was then time to watch the main act, Midnight Oil for possibly the last time. The imposing 6’4” bald man emerged on stage and unleashed his trademark ‘bad dancing’ straight off the bat during first song ‘Read About It’. Garrett’s vocals were raspy and off-key and we were possibly in for a long night. The sound was crystal clear and with no breeze to speak of, every wayward vocal note was amplified. Luckily the lead vocals improved across the gig and were frequently saved by solid back-ups from drummer Rob Hirst & Co.

The crowd were on their feet but were restricted to only dancing in front of their chair. What I witnessed next could simply not be un-seen. The predominantly elderly crowd (over 50) thought watching frontman Garrett erratically gyrate around like an inflatable man on a service station roof was a green light to do their very own impressions & interpretive dance moves. These ambitious individuals at times looked like they were in a cult reaching for the heavens, or having an epileptic fit whilst strapped to their chair. Either way it was amusing and probably the most energy the pensioners have expelled all month.

Special mention must go to the beer-bellied older guy who channeled the lyrics of the song ‘Hercules’ by spreading his arms out like a plane and randomly sprinting up and down the aisles whilst weaving and taunting the officious Covid Marshalls. “Who waits for the planes to come?”, certainly not this intoxicated punter.

Bearing in mind the band members are in their late 60’s they certainly put on a good show. With a blend of acoustic numbers, drum solos, & guitar marathons (complete with self indulgent effects pedal ramblings). Contemporary versions of old classics were on show.

Highlights were five songs at the end of the concert featuring a snappy 3 piece horn section, the vocals of the two sultry female back-up singers, Garrett’s emphatic harmonica work and Hirst on the skins. A solid show after a shaky start but as we all know most oils perform better when they have warmed up.

Brett Partington -writes authentic stories that resonate. A relatable storyteller who makes you feel like you are right there on the journey with him. A born ‘trouble magnet’ with a unique & positive view on the world.

Never boring as he is a public speaker, carer, tour guide, drummer, ex fashion retailer, b&b host, father & avid people watcher.




Famous for writing authentic real life stories that both resonate & entertain. A witty & raw storyteller with a unique take on just about everything.

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Brett Partington

Brett Partington

Famous for writing authentic real life stories that both resonate & entertain. A witty & raw storyteller with a unique take on just about everything.

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